Little Bear Creek Alpacas

A Beautiful Countryside Farm

The Process

What do we do with the fiber?

First, as much of the barn matter and impurities are removed by hand on the skirting table as well as any guard hair from the belly and legs that got into the blanket when shorn.

Then we wash it in big tubs of water.  Spin the excess water out and spread the fiber on drying racks until completely dry.

At this point the fiber can be dyed various colors before proceeding or the dying can take place after spun into yarn.

Next it may need dehaired then onto the carder where the fibers are combed until the fibers are parallel.  Carding is needed to make a worsted yarn when spun.

Once carded, the fiber is pulled from the carder as roving which can be spun by fiber lovers or as a batt which can also be spun by spinners or by machine.  OR the batt can be used in felting.

If made into yarn, it is packaged into cones or skeins.  If can now be dyed if desired.  

The  yarn is now ready to be sold and used in projects.



Thursday, October 11, 2018